Born and based in London, Andie began playing bass-guitar and from her mid-teens onwards worked with a number of bands, including Cindytalk in the early 1990s. Whilst the bass remains her first love, Andie has been performing and recording as a solo-artist since 2007, under the name These Feathers Have Plumes, primarily working with glass and electronics.

Andie performs regularly and has played in both the UK and Europe, including at Full of Noises Festival in Cumbria, the De La Warr Pavilion and Cafe OTO.

Elsewhere, Andie performs and records as Mami Wata with artist Sharon Gal. Additionally, Andie has collaborated live with a diverse range of artists, including Sophie Cooper & Joincey in Remedial Queen of England, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Phil Julian, Piotr Kurek, Adam Bohman and in a percussion and glass ensemble, conducted by Steve Beresford for Christian Marclay at White Cube Gallery.

Cover photo courtesy: Dawid Laskowski

Contact: thesefeathers@gmail.com