2nd December, 2017 – Laura Cannell’s Modern Ritual (Daylight Music 266)  at the Union Chapel, London. Laura Cannell and André Bosman; Charles Hayward’s The Bell Agency and Jennifer Lucy Allan’s Foulis’s Daughter

14th November, 2017 – AME at The Making Space, in Huddersfield: with Anna-F Jacques and Ryoko Akama and Kneeling Coats (Eleanor Cully and Jorge Boehringer). 

28th June, 2017 – Cafe OTO PROJECT SPACE, performing with Oliver Barrett as part of John Macedo’s Solo:Duo:Trio 


15th June, 2017 – Art of Improvisers at Cafe OTO – Duo with Sharon Gal; with  Mandhira De Saram & Steve Beresford + Helen Frosi & Blanca Regina + Julie Kjaer & Poulomi Desai + Tania Chen. Part of the Art of Improvisers Series which will include an exhibition and talks. Please see weblink for details 

28th May, 2017 – Cafe OTO, performing with Kelly Jayne Jones, supporting Limpe Fuchs and Evan Parker 

14th April, 2017 – N15 Warehouse, Mami Wata with Mike Neaves, Botox, Sly and the Family Drone and Dead Neanderthals 

14th February, 2017 – Cafe OTO – Duo with Phil Julian; also with Dave Burraston; John Edwards & Tom Wheatley

20th January, 2017 – Silver Road – Duo with Phil Julian; also with John Wall and Alex Rodgers

8th October 2016 – Full of Noises @ Islington Mill with Leslie Deere, Helen Petts and Mary Stark

20th July 2016 – Infrasection 5, Brighton, Cafe Noor with Poulomi Desai

5th October 2015: with Sharon Gal at Boat-Ting

18th August 2015: Cafe La Perle, Brussels; with Kostis Kilymis and Lowcommittee

1st August 2015 – Full of Noises Festival

7th March 2015 – White Cube Gallery, Bermondsey, London. Glass and percussion ensemble, conducted by Steve Beresford for Christian Marclay

9th December 2014 – Cafe OTO. Jennifer Walshe; Sharon Gal & Andie Brown; People Like Us

3rd October 2014 – Late at Tate (Britain). Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides performing Conduit of the Bottomless Submundane alongside Yoni Silver, Rob Lye and Ben Knight in The Grand Saloon

29th July 2014 – Cafe OTO, London. SOUNDMATTER – Duo with Adam Bohman Also: Angharad Davies & Lina Lapelyte / David Toop & Sharon Gal

26th July 2014 – Tor Festival, Todmorden. With:BBBlood / Debbie Sharp / Electric Knife Boa Melody Band /The Five Star Family Elan/Bear Bones Lay Low / Bridget Hayden / Delphine Dora / Kelly Jones & Pascal Nichols + more

13th June 2014 – Apiary Studios, London. Collaboration with Laid Eyes (Visuals). With CoH and Téléplasmiste

17th April 2014 – Vortex, London. With ICHI

22nd February 2014 – M@BU at the Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, Bradford

15th December 2013 – Hideous Porta 8: duo with Phil Julian

9th November 2013 –Colour Out of Space: duo with Sharon Gal

29th September 2013 –RECON Festival at Delius Arts and Cultural Centre: N.Racker, Minimal Bouge, Grew Quartet, Mutual Process and more

31st August 2013 –Cafe OTO: Part Wild Horses Manes on Both Sides, Acrid Lactations, Dan Scott and films by Carlos Thomas and Veronica Ibarra

20th August 2013 –Heliocentric Duo Exchange, Cafe OTO: a night of duos with Byron Coley and Savage Pencil, Sharon Gal and Andie Brown and Dylan Nyoukis and Thurston Moore

17th August 2013 –Dear Serge at The De La Warr Pavilion, with Sophie Giblin, Kirstin Reynolds, Billy Roisz and DJ Terror Wogan

1st August 2013 –The Outer Church The Waiting Room, London N16 with Vindicatrix, Some Truths, Kemper Norton and Harem

25th June 2013 – Karel Ball #41, Brussels with Aqua Dentata and Phil Julian

22nd June 2013 – The Compass Points North: Sheepscar Light Industrial, Wharf Chambers, Leeds with Aqua Dentata, BBBlood, Hagman, Midwich and Petals

4th May 2013 – Westhill Hall, Brighton with Avarus, Tuluum Shimmering, Bolide and Hobo Sonn

7th April 2013 – Upset The Rhythm, St Margarets House Chapel, Bethnal Green with Jaap Blonk, Phil Minton, Dylan Nyoukis, Luke Poot and Adam Bohman. Solo performance featuring the one and only Paul Whieldon

19th July 2012 – V22 Summer Club, Tartaruga Records Presents: Howl. With Brassica, Petrels, Ben Gaymer and Max Bondi

10th July 2012 –The Outer Church, Brighton with Some Truths (aka Bass Clef), Kemper Norton & Wrong Signals

7th July 2012 – Bristol Cube with Aqua Dentata, Phil Julian and Bblood

23rd June 2012 -Splitting the Atom VII all dayer with Aqua Dentata, Dale Cornish, Phil Julian & John Macedo (amongst others), Brighton

14th June 2012 –Cafe OTO with Duane Pitre

14th March 2012 – Transient Constellations with Library Tapes

9th to 11th March 2012 – Rammel and Harbinger Sound present Rammel Weekender

1st March 2012 – Kaparte Promotions with Sieben and Bird Radio at The Slaughtered Lamb

27th February 2012 – Experimontag at Madame Claude, Berlin with Cubop and Jon Evans

15th July 2010 – Transient Constellations, The Others, London. With Vultures Quartet

26th March 2010 – Stolen Recordings Presents, Catch Bar, London. With Breast, Taigen Kawabe and The Racists

12th December 2009 – Foundlings “Laughing Sickness” album launch, Cross Kings, Kings Cross with The Foundlings 

Group Shows:

16th July 2011 – Soundfjord: Re/Flux Sublimated Landscape Sonic Topology – group sound works. Institute of Contemporary Art, The Mall, London

9th July 2011 – The Long Drone, Raven Row Gallery, London

16th November 2010 – Gals with Guitars, live performance for small guitar ensemble

15th and 16th April 2011 – Gals with Guitars, The Elevator Gallery, London. 19 piece guitar ensemble with workshops

16th November 2010 – Gals with Guitars, live performance for small guitar ensemble