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Gals with Guitars

I will be partipating in this project on Saturday at the lovely Elevator Gallery in Hackney Wick. Never again will i use the words “lovely” and “Hackney Wick” in the same sentence….

Elevator Gallery presents Gals with Guitars, a collaborative, large group composition for electric guitars.
The piece invites participation from female players and develops through a process of exploration with sound making, traditional and extended techniques, patterns, ideas and possibilities. The live performance responds to these experimentations and is a concluding presentation of the group’s interpretation. Gals with Guitars was conceived by performer artist Sharon Gal and is a call for discovery and a search for the sound and presence of a group.
Engaging with the electric guitar, the piece is reclaiming the instrument, presenting it via a female perspective – The Guitar as metaphor for self-empowerment and determination, a symbol of transition and change.

After experimenting with a small ensemble of players and a live radio performance on Resonance 104.4 FM in November 2010, we will be presenting the first large group process and composition at the Elevator gallery on the 15th and 16th April.

Following the 2-day residency there would be a free performance on Saturday 16th of April at 7.30pm.

I will be playing as part of a trio under the name Remedial Queen of England (alongside Sophie Cooper and Joincey), on Friday 11th March. A stellar line-up featuring members of A-Band, past and present, at The Elevator Gallery in Hackney Wick.

Elevator Gallery in association with The Wire magazine presents the first Anonymity And Artlessness festival of A Music – music by acts associated with The A Band.This is the wow sound of now, the underground of the underground, an experimental experience, a Charivari charade of charming charismatic characters.
This is the future you haven’t been waiting for.The A Band
Astral Social Club
Ashtray Navigations
The Ceramic Hobs
Remedial Queen Of England
The A Band early to catch the main attractions. The evening will begin and end with a set by Elevator Gallery’s artists in residence, The A Band. Each band will overlap into the next band.

Elevator Gallery

Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane
Hackney Wick, London