Help an independent label…

Following the disturbances in London this week, my good friends at Stolen Recordings have lost much of their physical stock in a devastating fire at a distribution warehouse. I’d highly recommend visiting their site and purchasing a digital download of one of their great albums to give them a hand. Find them here read this article by The Quietus about the other labels effected.

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  1. What a shit riot, burn a Fecking bank, KPMG, Credit Suiss, RBS, The Toffs, every off-shore tax dodging thieving twat, everything on Wall Street George, David and NIck the lying twat clegg, Yeh Revolution lets burn a distribution Warehouse. I fear we are doomed if that is the best the youth can express, utterly lame, they need how to riot lessons. All the best to the chaps at Stolen, we need all the labels we can get these days. Really saddened to hear about this bullshit, I saw it on the TV a couple of weeks ago. Really annoying, like we all don’t have enough stupidity in our midst right now.

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